Final report published

The six months are up and I’ve written up the final report on the project. Learn more about the goals, outcomes, challenges and recommendations in the final report.

My reflection:

It’s truly been an honor to work on this project. I had the opportunity to deepen relationships with fellow Wikipedians, with WikiEd, with academics I respect and honor, and with undergraduates. This is meaningful and inspiring. Thanks to being an IEG grantee, I was able to step into a leadership position and reflect thoughtfully on the process. The project accomplished both forecasted and unforeseen achievements. I am proud of the two learning patterns I wrote. Also thanks to this project, I had the opportunity to apply for and present at WikiConference USA. This was invigorating! I’d never met so many other Wikipedia editors and organizers in one place. That learning experience led to new connections, relationships, and understandings of the Wikipedia project, including developing a relationship with the Art+Feminism organizing team. My involvement in grappling with questions about media literacy and production, public knowledge projects, pedagogy, equality, gender, bias, pedagogy, platforms, and feminism — and taking action as a form of questioning — will be continuing and I’m more experienced to take on the next challenges that come my way. I am extremely grateful for the grants committee, and Wikipedia community, for seeing the value and importance of this project.~~~~

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