Planning for the workshop tomorrow

I want to make the workshop iterative. The point is for it to be useful for anyone in the future who would like stage similar workshops bringing together subject matter experts who may not be/are not expected to become experts in editing Wikipedia. That is entirely the case with the five participants, who have varying levels of skill/background in editing Wikipedia — as far as I know, some have accounts, some have never edited Wikipedia. I certainly don’t expect that

everyone will get up to speed, so to speak, prior to this. And that’s not the point! However when one participant emailed to ask me “what’s the workflow on Wikipedia like,” saying in a matter of words, I’ve never done this, how should I begin to prepare making suggestions? I realized that actually document how much background to give participants of this sort, and what details they will need to make meaningful contributions, will be crucial for any sort of “protocol” that comes out of this.

Tomorrow, one of the first things I’ll say is that we’re developing a protocol, so please reflect and take notes on how you experience this process:

What do you want to know?

And as we go along, what do you feel like you need to know?

Let’s take stock of these questions. We’ll reflect again on them after the lists have been passed along to courses that will use them) in order to evaluate what we think worked.

In other words, I am not here to decide for you how much you need to know to make suggestions. I’ll give a very basic scaffolding, and then we can see how well the process of making suggestions goes with this.

My scaffolding will be a short presentation (less than 15 minutes) about the nuts and bolts of Wikipedia and how the editing process goes. Then we’ll talk a little about how to develop the lists, and how to pass them along.

Other questions as I think through the agenda for tomorrow:

  • Coming into this session, what is your level of skill or knowledge on editing Wikipedia? (E.g. have made more than 15 edits, have made more than 5, have never contributed prior to this workshop, other?)
  • How does your level of knowledge of Wikipedia shape your experience in critiquing the pages?
  • What is the experience like of making suggestions to do editing based on your background knowledge of the workflow process?


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